• Tokenized Securities
    Tokenized Securities Is it possible to buy and sell a work of art without moving it? Can we own pieces of property and collectibles that cannot be divided, and which lie in distant parts of the world?    Tokenized securities are digital representations of underlying assets. Like securities, they derive […]
  • GPU Crypto Mining
      GPU Crypto Mining       A couple months ago, a friend asked me to build a GPU crypto mining computer. As I was already mining Bitcoin, I wanted to gain some GPU mining experience as well. GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit. GPU mining computers are much more […]
  • Bitcoin Mining
    My Bitcoin Mining Experience *** I want to preface this article with a disclaimer. Crypto mining is not easy. If you think you can just plug in a machine, leave it running, and get rich quick, you are mistaken. Mining requires daily discipline, planning power requirements, regular temperature checks, noise […]
  • Crypto Mining
    What is Crypto Mining? Crypto mining is the process of providing computer processing resources to a crypto network in exchange for a reward. To get a little more technical: As financial transactions occur on crypto networks, blocks are created which contain the transactions. These blocks need to be verified before […]
  • Storing Crypto
    Storing Crypto This article covers the different methods of storing Crypto and the different advantages and disadvantages of each. It also explains the difference between custodial and non-custodial. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all available options, but this can be used as a reference when conducting […]
  • The Characteristics of Money
    Characteristics of Money A couple months ago, a friend recommended a podcast episode by Lex Fridman. This specific episode entitled “Philosophy of Bitcoin from First Principles” featured Robert Breedlove, a freedom maximalist, ex-hedge fund manager, and philosopher in the Bitcoin space. Robert Breedlove co-authored a book in 2020 called Thank […]
  • Bitcoin & Blockchain
    The True Value of Bitcoin I remember back in 2017, a friend of mine was talking about investing in Bitcoin. I hadn’t heard much about Bitcoin other than the FBI shutting down the Silk Road black market and subsequently confiscating most of the Bitcoin. Working as an IT professional, I […]